Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is available now, and both critics and fans agree that it’s a top-tier Metroidvania experience. Without a doubt, the team at Ubisoft behind this game has proven that they’re more than capable of breathing new life into a decades-old franchise, and it appears they have interest in doing just that with some non-Ubisoft properties as well.

In an interview with Nintenduo, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown director Mounir Radi was asked about the Nintendo franchises he’d like to work on if given the chance. Not surprisingly, Radi had a laundry list of Nintendo IP that he’d love to have a crack at.

“I didn’t think about this. But yes, maybe a Star Fox. Star Fox is interesting, but of course, Mario is another standard for me. It’s there for me, but they don’t need me. It could be a good Super Mario Bros. If it’s not Nintendo, I’m in love with the Castlevania series. I love it. And I think it could be a great chance to work on such a big and good brand.”

[Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown director Mounir Radi]

Turns out other developers on Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown also have some Nintendo-related aspirations. PoP:TLC game designer Rémi Boutin hopped on Reddit to answer some fan questions about the game, and one topic that came up was about interest in working on other franchises outside of Prince of Persia. Boutin was quick to name-drop Zelda as well, but he had a very particular Zelda in mind for a jumping point (h/t VGC).

“Personally I would LOVE to work with the Zelda IP. Maybe a strange spin-off based on Adventure of Link? (and of course Castlevania).”

[Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown game designer Rémi Boutin]

Nintendo and Ubisoft have worked together numerous times over the years, with one of their biggest tie-ups being the Mario + Rabbids series. Nintendo has no doubt seen that Ubisoft can be trusted with Nintendo IP, especially when taking things in a new direction. Perhaps Nintendo would give Ubisoft the keys to another of their kingdoms knowing that the talented devs behind the latest Prince of Persia have an interest!

Thanks to M4kk0 for the heads up!

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5M ago

With how great I am hearing this game is, I would love to see that!


5M ago

I've found myself wishing Nintendo would revisit the Zelda 2 sidescroller formula. That might be something good for a third party to tackle.


5M ago

Adventure of Link revisited sounds cool! They were very limited by the NES hardware when they came up with that idea!


5M ago

It's going to be a LONG wait for the next mainline Zelda, so outsourcing a game to a 3rd party dev isn't out of the question, but would these guys really be ones to give it to?