Dreamed Away is a pixel art emotional action-adventure RPG with a unique battle system where you play a boy lost in a dark, mysterious world. Developer Pineapple Works is hoping to bring this game to Switch sometime in 2025, but that’s only happening if the game’s Kickstarter is a success. The Kickstarter has launched as of today, and you can pledge some funding here.

Dreamed Away is a story-driven action-adventure RPG with dark elements set in France in the 90s. Play as Théo, a boy lost in a mysterious world. Explore a unique reality, duel against darkness and mind your choices.

Instead of the traditional menu-based combat commonly found in RPGs, Dreamed Away features a unique, fast-paced combat system made of mini-games.

Challenge awaits you as every encountered enemy has different variations of dodging and time-based mini-games of increasing complexity. With unique abilities and equipment, use strategy and skill to defeat enemies. No random encounters.

On a rainy summer night, Théo wakes up in his bedroom and realizes his parents and his sister Louise have disappeared. The true nature of the world lays itself bare. Ghosts, Phantoms and Revenants haunt Théo inside the catacombs and dark places where he searches for his sister. Always a step behind and never able to catch up.

What happened? What does it mean? Why is this place so familiar? That’s how his journey begins.

  • Immersive storytelling that takes you on a journey to solve Théo’s dark and unsettling mystery.
  • Diverse setting: varied colors and environments that bring you from a vibrant, peaceful atmosphere to those dark and mysterious places.
  • Detailed and aesthetic pixel art setting that is worth exploring.
  • An original soundtrack by Nicolas Petton.
  • Unique skill-based combat system.
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