22 Racing Series devs show off their progress in a new video

Speeding towards release...hopefully

22 January 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

22 Racing Series, the real-time physics-based racing playground set in the 22nd century, was announced for switch all the way back in October 2022. The original plan was to have the game out in 2023, but that never came to be. Here we are in 2024 and the game still isn’t finished, but the developers have indeed been toiling away on the project. The proof of that is their latest development video, which you can check out above.

The world’s first future physics racer (FPR) takes place on an Earth 100 years from today, where climate change has ravaged the environment. Resource intensive racing series have moved online, limiting their ecological impact and enabling a global sport to be accessible to all.

Experience terrains throughout environments most affected by climate change including Florida, Bangladesh, Solomon Islands, and Antarctica. Speed through clocked Time Trials, diverse Circuit Racing, difficult Elimination Rounds, scored Point-to-Point Racing, and a capture the flag inspired Sector Capture.

Gain a competitive edge by allowing creativity to run free. Fill a virtually unlimited inventory with custom-built vehicles featuring personalized engine torque, tire grip choices, and more in a next generation adaptive ‘keyframe’ setup that adjusts vehicles based on speed and action to achieve the ultimate grip and downforce.

Compete in a massive 100 player casual racing event and obtain an impressive rank to avoid elimination in Race Royale mode. Attempt to catch another racer in the “catch me if you can”, Streaker, mode. Reach new heights of lightning-fast speed using real-time strategy resource management and implementing build mechanics for an RTS inspired Racing (RTS-Racing) experience.

Vehicles, tracks, race rules, and tournaments will be available for modders to bring their own racing visions to life, publish them to share with a community, and monetise them via the Pavillion Hub. Construct a brand new circuit using the fast and flexible track builder to create detailed, simple, lengthy, or quick custom tracks tailored to each racer’s style.

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