When Persona 3 Reload was announced, many thought it would be a lock for Switch. Persona 5 Royal and Persona 4 Golden came to Switch, so why would Persona 3 Reload skip? Well, unfortunately for Switch fans, we now know the game isn’t heading our way, and it seems that’s been the plan from the get-go.

Atomix had the chance to speak to Persona 3 Reload director Takuya Yamaguchi and Ryota Niitsuma, and the duo was asked about why the game wasn’t heading to Switch. According to the devs, the decision to not bring the game to Switch was made way back when the team was first planning out the game’s existence. In other words, before production even started, a Switch version was never in the cards. That said, things can change..

Yamaguchi and Niitsuma mentioned that even though Persona 3 Reload isn’t on Switch, that doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen. It’s not as if the topic didn’t come up at all during the whole development process, but Yamaguchi and Niitsuma said they’d have to chat with other Atlus staff to further explore the idea.

Persona 3 Reload on Switch seems rather unlikely at this time, but maybe Atlus will see fit to releasing the title on Switch’s successor. Let’s keep fingers and toes crossed for just that!

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5M ago

The problem is probably Sega told them "Hol' up!". It's probably to late for the game for Switch, but not for Switch's new successor or iteration (if it's more powerful than Steam Deck). That is if the Switch versions of previous Persona games didn't flop outright.