Do you have a favorite type of Pikmin? Fans of the franchise in Japan certainly do, and they’ve shared their choice in a recent poll from Dengeki Online.

Dengeki ran a poll asking respondents to name their favorite type of Pikmin. Now that the numbers have been crunched, we can see which Pikmin made the type 5. Without further ado, here’s the breakdown:

  1. Rock Pikmin
  2. Blue Pikmin
  3. Purple Pikmin
  4. Red Pikmin
  5. Oatchi

Rock Pikmin took home the big win, with voters saying that they particularly liked the voices of Rock Pikmin along with their shape. Blue Pikmin came in second, with respondents saying they enjoyed how brave the Pikmin were, and they also enjoyed their “stupid” look. Purple Pikmin were seen as cute and powerful with an enjoyable walk, Red Pikmin were also seen as cute as well as versatile, and then Oatchi was chosen due to its dog-like, pudgy design.

With Pikmin only growing in popularity, especially with the most recent installment, we’ll no doubt see more chatter online about the franchise in general. Japanese audiences have had their say, but which Pikmin type do you enjoy the most?

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6M ago

Oatchi being included in the 'Pikmin' list is surprising but with how cute he is deserved all the same.

For me it has to be the poison Pikmin!
Fast, agile, and can be fed to enemies as a sacrifice in exchange for poisoning them.

What's not to love?