The Zebra-Man! set for early 2024 Switch release

A new one for Hotline Miami fans

23 January 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Things are about to get messy! Global games developer and publisher Zerouno Games is thrilled to announce the new hyper-charged top-down pixel art action game The Zebra-Man!. Developed by Thunder Zebra and Lokaweed, The Zebra-Man! will be unleashed for Switch in early 2024.

Inspired by classic Grindhouse films, The Zebra-Man! takes top-down pixel art gaming to a whole new level. Strike, destroy and immerse yourself in a vengeful bloodbath! Face impossible situations, unravel temporal paradoxes and annihilate all enemies in your path with limitless brutality. Delve into merciless carnage and unleash chaos without mercy!

The Zebra-Man! is packed full of puzzles, fist fights and violence everywhere. With an unmistakable visual style, a groundbreaking soundtrack and your savage need for blood, you will explode through a succession of surreal events that will test your ingenuity and your tenacity.

It’s the 70s and a group of crazy scientists have been conducting atrocious experiments on you deep in a secret facility. When an unexpected ally in a raccoon mask rescues you in exchange for revenge, shedding your humanity and embracing your animal side might be your only way out.

Who is Alexander Cooper and why does the mysterious Raccoon man want you to kill him? What secrets are contained in this secret facility and what atrocities will you have to do to escape? Get ready for time travel, interdimensional portals and enemies who want to see you torn into a million bloody pieces.

With an unmistakable visual style, a groundbreaking soundtrack and your wild need for blood, you will travel through a succession of surreal and bloody events that will test your wits and tenacity. You’ll have to use any means to get out of impossible situations while unravelling time paradoxes and blasting the enemies you encounter along the way who outnumber and outgun you.


Retro gaming homage - A tribute to classic top-down pixel art action games and Grindhouse movies with an Intriguing story, time travel and plenty of pixel art blood!

A crazy cast of playable characters - Good guys, bad guys, scientists and security guards, there are many characters to control, each with their own utilities and quests.

Live-Action Scenes - The first rule of live-action scenes is you do not talk about live-action scenes!

Puzzle me this? - It’s not all rampage and gore, sometimes you will need to stop and take a look around for clues and solve the puzzles.

Karma sucks! - Actions have consequences right? The game’s Karma System will make sure you get what’s coming to you.

Check out the ADS - The Zebra-Man’s Adaptive Difficulty System means you will never get stuck in a level. The more times you die, the easier the difficulty becomes. Enemies get slower, guns have less ammo and more helpful items will spawn.

Groundbreaking soundtrack - A vibrant soundtrack to get you in the Grindhouse film mood featuring tracks from Zay Bass, Doom in Hell, Da Flex and many more.

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