PM Studios and Pathea Games are delighted to announce the launch of the first free major content update for the Nintendo Switch version of the acclaimed crafting and life sim, My Time At Sandrock.

Since launching November last year, Pathea have been hard at work producing this mega-sized patch which includes a new area to explore, new gameplay features, dozens of side quests, and lots more content. Check out the full feature set below:

For the explorers…

  • Added Northern Starship Hazardous Ruins, challenge your skills and earn valuable resources.
  • Dozens of new romance side quests for Fang, Logan, Nia, Qi, Grace, Amirah, Owen, Ernest, Catori, Jane, Unsuur, Pablo, Venti, Burgess, and Elsie.

For the fashionistas and socialites…

  • New Wardrobe furniture type for hanging up your collection and picking the right one before going on the next side quest with your favorite NPC.
  • Ability to dress up NPC in brand new costumes!
  • Romance away with more NPC preferences and wishes.
  • Save your precious memories with the group photo feature.

New ways to enjoy marital bliss…

  • Have and raise the perfect child with your chosen partner.
  • Go on adventures with your partner in special marital side quests.
  • Ask your partner to follow you around in your day-to-day activities.

For the builders…

  • The Factory allows you to manage all your machinery and what they produce in one central location.
  • The Greenhouse allows you to manage, harvest and maintain your plants all from one location.
  • Added load indicator allowing you to know how many more items can be placed in the Workshop.

AND by popular demand, more beard choices!

Pathea has also paid particular attention to improving all aspects of My Time At Sandrock’s performance on Nintendo Switch and the first fruits of this labour are also available as part of this update; framerate performance has been improved across all areas of the game world, 70 – 80% reduction in stuttering and a 90% reduction in level of detail (LOD) pop-in.

Pathea is committed to improving the performance of the Nintendo Switch version of My Time At Sandrock in future content updates as well as the update released today. Expect more news on that work shortly via the official My Time At Sandrock subreddit.

This Nintendo Switch update aligns all versions of My Time At Sandrock on consoles (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X), in terms of parity with the 1.0 launch version available on PC. Seasonal updates, as well as more content and improvements, are coming to all console platforms very, very soon.

To celebrate the launch of this new update, My Time At Sandrock is currently available for 20% off its regular RRP on Nintendo Switch until 31st January. There has never been a better time for Nintendo Switch owners to start their adventures in Sandrock.

You can read the full patch notes for this Ver. 1.1.4 update here.

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