There’s been a lot of turnover lately on the Mario side of things when it comes to voice actors. Charles Martinet is no longer voicing his litany of Mario characters, as he’s now moved into the role of Mario Ambassador. The roles of Mario, Luigi, Wario and others is now being tackled by Kevin Afghani, and he’s off to a strong start in Super Mario Bros. Wonder and WarioWare: Move It!. Fans have been wondering if that meant other changes were coming for Mario mainstays, and we now know that’s not the case with Princess Peach.

Princess Peach: Showtime! is coming to Switch in March, and it’s the next big game for everyone’s favorite princess. It’s not often we see Peach in a starring role, which makes Princess Peach: Showtime that much bigger of a deal. There’s no doubt we’ll be hearing more from Peach in the game, and now we know who’ll be lending the voice.

Longtime Peach voice actor Samantha Kelly has confirmed that she’s once again lending her talents to Princess Peach, and we’ll hear her work all throughout Princess Peach: Showtime!. Kelly has been voicing Peach ever since Mario Strikers Charged back in 2007, giving her a decade and a half of time with the character. Kelly also provides the voice work for characters such as Toadette, Baby Peach and Pink Gold Peach.


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5M ago

Oh darn. I was really hoping she would get replaced by Danny DeVito.