JanduSoft is bringing “Jett Rider - Reduce, reuse and BLAST IT OFF!” - an action-packed arcade shooter developed by Last Chicken Game, to the Switch on Jan. 25th, 2024. The title is set to deliver an unforgettable Metroidvania-style adventure filled with action, exploration, RPG elements, and a dash of humor. Better yet, a free demo is also available on the Switch eShop right now.

Mere hours ahead of the game’s release, JanduSoft has shared the official animated launch trailer. Check out the mix of animation and gameplay action above!

As players embark on a thrilling space-faring journey, they’ll take on the role of Jett Rider, a space sweeper who stumbles upon a surprising and messy turn of events while picking up wreckage in the orbit of the planet Gravos.

In a heroic quest to save the planet and its people, players will confront tough bosses, fight off enemies, and face various challenges.


  • Shooter action, exploration, lots of humor and impressive bosses.
  • Upgrade your jetpack and skills to reach unexplored areas of Gravos.
  • Make money by recycling space debris.
  • Expand your arsenal and choose your favorite weapon.
  • Collect the Golden Idols and exchange them for unique items at the Peach Store.

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