Ever wonder what the rest of the world thinks about your favorite Pokémon? Curious if you’ve got some allies in your part of the world, or if the people around you happen to have an affinity for a completely different Pokémon? The gang at TheToyZone were nosy, so they set out to find the answers with a bit of online data-crunching.

Based on how much a country searches online for a particular Pokémon relative to how much the world does overall, what is every nation’s favorite critter? TheToyZone’s 2024 analysis has looked at search volumes of all 1,016 Pokémon species around the world, to find every country’s most uniquely popular Pokémon.

Key findings include:

  • Pikachu remains the most-searched Pokémon around the world
  • The most uniquely popular Pokémon in the U.S. is Mime Jr
  • Vaporeon is the most uniquely popular in three South American countries: Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay
  • Mr. Rime the most uniquely popular Pokémon in Australia
  • Porygon-Z is the UK’s most uniquely popular Pokémon

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5M ago

I'm confused... not the most popular but... what?