JanduSoft held their JanduSoft Special Showcase, which featured 13 projects that are currently in the works for Switch. JanduSoft is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with numerous talented developers and studios from around the world, and this year promises significant growth for the company. You can get a complete breakdown of all the upcoming Switch titles from JanduSoft below.

Rebel Transmute - Q1 2024

Battle your way through a living planet in Rebel Transmute, a sprawling 2D action-exploration epic! Embody Moon Mikono as you explore, reprogram your abilities, duel twisted sci-fi experiments, rebel against colonizers, and search for your long lost mother.

Super Rolling Heroes - Q1 2024

Destroy, bounce, explode! Roll downhill with Super Rolling Heroes Deluxe, a 3D platformer all about maintaining momentum, pulling down every object, avoiding deadly obstacles, and collecting some nice shiny gems too.

Candle Knight - Q1 2024

Never let your light go out. Wield a powerful flame, overcome menacing creatures and explore the shadows of a ruined castle in this compelling 2.5D action adventure platformer which features a unique dynamic difficulty system.

Prune & Milo - Q1 2024

Embark on an enchanting journey with Prune & Milo, armed with a rad sword and bow, as they unravel the mysteries of a cave. Discover 100+ levels of turn-based puzzles, each with different mechanics. Traverse diverse environments, encounter quirky characters, and prevent the end of the world in this captivating sibling adventure.

Teared - Q1 2024

Teared is not just a game; it’s an immersive journey where dynamic 3D graphics meet intense gameplay. Experience the thrill of a side-scrolling adventure set in a three-dimensional world, combining classic action with modern design elements. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a newcomer to the arcade genre, Teared promises hours of excitement and entertainment.

Byte the Bullet - Q2 2024

Get into my infected computer and restore every virus-ridden system by recovering game attributes like color or save functions. Enjoy this parody of multiple classic games from 80s & 90s.

Aureole: Wings of Hope - Q2 2024

At sonic speeds, Aureole - Wings of Hope takes platforming to the literal skies! Join Ramila and Ryleth on their crusade to reclaim their home from demonic forces in this unique physics-based side-scrolling game.

Basureroes: Invasion - Q3 2024

Basureroes: Invasion is a 2D platform game with retro aesthetics in which a group of heroes with different abilities must save the world from an alien invasion. Run, jump and fight your way through twenty levels full of danger and epic boss fights.

Abathor - Q3 2024

Abathor is a 2D arcade action platformer for up to 4 players. You are the last hope in defense of Atlantis, you’ll face hordes of enemies and countless challenges. Enjoy its pixel art and epic music. A cooperative and competitive game to achieve glory or death. The physical edition created by Tesura Games is now on pre-orders.


Kemono Heroes - Q3 2024

Kemono Heroes combines elements of run and gun, fast arcade action with dashes and slashes, with cool and fluffy characters. It can be experienced alone, choosing between 3 difficulties to enjoy a real challenge. Up to 4 friends can also join forces in cooperative mode, fighting and helping each other to overcome any obstacles in their way.

Wings of Endless - Q4 2024

Discover the secret of a forgotten war in Wings of Endless, a platforming Action-RPG with a captivating Pixelart style that will draw you in from start to finish. Step into the role of Hariku, a brash bounty hunter who boasts of being the best at his craft.

Candy Rangers - Q4 2024

In this game, enemies will come in waves in different formations and arrangements, luckily for you, each character’s has its own special gun with its own shooting pattern to help you take them out as efficiently as possible!.

Farlands - Q4 2024

Congratulations, you’ve bought your own planet! An agrarian rock in the edge of the galaxy, which, for some reason, was almost given away for free. So the time has come to leave the hectic and stressful life of the overcrowded metropolis for a more rural and rewarding life.

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