Anomaly Agent now available on Switch

Secret (agent's) out

25 January 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Developer Phew Phew Games has announced that Anomaly Agent is now available on Switch. Anomaly Agent is a cyberpunk action-platformer featuring fluid combat, a time-bending story, quirky characters and a catchy synthwave soundtrack. Punch or shoot through mobs of enemies, impact the story with your choices and stop the anomalies before the world plunges into chaos.

Become Agent 70 and stop the anomalies threatening to destroy the balance of the world. Use extraordinary anomaly weapons to toss your opponents around. Overcome your enemies using melee techniques or deadly firearms. Modify your gameplay by upgrading your character in different ways.

Shape how the story unfolds. Unravel the mysteries you face and make the world a safer placeā€¦ or plunge it into disaster. With memorable characters, unique Anomaly Bosses, a story full of twists, and smooth gameplay, Anomaly Agent is an adventure to be savored. We hope you enjoy your journey!

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