Today Indie publisher Ratalaika Games, together with indie developer Pixelcraft Games, are releasing two titles in a single pack - The Adventures of Panzer: Legacy Collection. Landing on Switch, the two Panzer titles, the original and its sequel, are impacting side scrolling platformers adventures that offer hours of enjoyment and challenges.

“The Adventures of Panzer is first and foremost an action platformer. The games push the player to constantly keep moving forward and one of its unique qualities are the characters that you meet along the way - with humour and the light heartedness being the driving force. There are several small secrets hidden in the maps which include NPCs with useless dialog, but adding quirky interest. Both games feature Legendary retired raid leader, Panzer, and his trusty sidekick Blarghe. These are the characters you can swap over and harness their attributes”

The Adventures of Panzer, the first title of the IP is a 2D platformer. With its raw and simple game design it presents some truly impressive challenges and gameplay. Unforgiving (with random bosses) it offers no compromises, just good old fashioned continue onwards and don’t look back play!

The most recent creation, The Adventures of Panzer 2 brings everything that worked and was successful in the original first game but now making it much more accessible to your average player. Many new “quality of life” features are implemented to make the game play smoother making the overall experience more enjoyable in another epic side scrolling platformer adventure.. There is even a level select feature, upgrades that the player can buy, multiple playable characters for improved repeatability. Level design with more detail and interest and less unforgiving add to a more impressive experience. Lets not forget the boss fights which are even more explosive.

Set approximately a year after the events of the first game, Panzer returns to his role as Raid Leader of the Zergadins.The old team has been “recruited”, an all-new state-of-the-art headquarters built, and a world of adventure awaits! But, a new evil has arrived and it will take the whole team working together to defeat it. So this time Panzer doesn’t have to fight alone! He is joined by the agile hunter Kankaro with his bow and arrow, the mage Ahzriaz with her lethal ice magic, and the crazed troll Vespeto with his insane explosives!


  • Multiple playable characters
  • Real-time character swapping
  • Unlockable special ability
  • Non-linear progression
  • Simple currency system to buy more health
  • Skippable cutscenes
  • Lots of useless NPC dialog!
  • 9 fully fleshed-out levels
  • 10 challenging bosses

The Adventures of Panzer 2 is an entirely different beast compared to Panzer 1. In terms of size it is literally twice the size. But it also has much more content within that. The non-linear nature of the game allows a player to pick their own path – but the levels are predetermined, like most 2d side scrollers of this/the era.

All the music and sound effects for Panzer 1 & 2 were provided by Logan E. Schad who spent months crafting each level’s theme music. Everything from Pugnas dark and evil castle to Hareynas’ Farm. When you play each level you will know it is distinct!

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