Flooded came to the Switch eShop late last year, and now you have two more big reasons to check the game out. If you hop on the Switch eShop right now, you can snag yourself a free demo that lets you try out the first stages of the campaign mode. If you give that a go and find the experience an enjoyable one, now’s the perfect time to purchase the full game, as it’s currently 50% off! We’re not sure how long the sale will last, but the game is priced at just $6.49 for the time being, so don’t miss out!

Flooded is a reversed city-builder in which you need to optimize your production on an island that shrinks over time.

The waters have risen to an alarming level, leaving merely a handful of places habitable. As a leader of a small group of survivors, you are tasked to extract resources in order to construct an ark and move to a safer location. But beware, as time passes, the waters are getting higher, reducing the available land at your disposal.


  • Reversed city-builder with rogue-lite elements and procedurally generated islands.
  • Story, Quickplay, and Endless game modes.
  • Continuously shrinking land due to rising water levels.
  • Resource gathering, building upgrades, and developing new technologies.
  • A variety of defensive structures to fend off hostile neighbors and pirates.
  • Exploration of nearby islands with diverse biomes.
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