The team behind Sugardew Island will soon be launching a Kickstarter in order to bring their title to Switch. In this cozy farming game, you have to run your own farm shop. Take care of your animals and your farm, sell your goods to the cute Forest Folk, upgrade the island and fulfill small orders from the Harmony Tree to fill the island with life again.

After a surprising storm and a shipwreck, your journey begins as you awaken on a deserted island. To continue your adventure, you must collect Harmony by selling goods to the forest folk, healing the island and overcoming the thorns.

In a bygone era, humans, animals, and the Forest Folk lived in perfect harmony on Sugardew Island. A seed, nurtured by all islanders, grew into a magnificent tree. However, driven by greed, humans sought to fell the Harmony Tree, disrupting the balance. The sudden change in their nature forced animals and Forest Folk to flee, leaving the island in ruins. Now, a lone being awaits someone to restore lost harmony.


  • 🌽 Farming: Take care of your plants, make fertilizer and sell your farm produce.
  • 🛒 Your farm shop: Sell items in your shop and negotiate with the Forest Folk for prices.
  • ⚒️ Resource Gathering: Collect wood, stones, and weeds for farm improvements.
  • 🐑 Animals: Feed, interact & build bonds with animals for eggs and milk.
  • 🐈 Pet Companions: Give names to pets, interact with them, and let them follow you around the island.
  • ☯️ Harmony Tree Quests: Fulfill orders to heal the Harmony Tree and upgrade the small island.
  • 💰 Trader Brownie: Purchase seeds, animals, and more from the friendly trader.
  • 👷🏽‍♂️ Upgrade System: Improve your house, barn, and tools to enhance efficiency. Setting / Story

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