The Pokémon X Hatsune Miku collaboration has finally entered its musical phase. As previously reported, this collaboration, known as “Project Voltage 18 Types 18 Songs,” has been releasing themed artwork throughout the month. With all 18 illustrations now unveiled, we now enter the musical component of this collab.

First up, a special remix has been released for the first song, Volt Tackle, by DECO27. This track is known as the Jewel Remix, and you can give it a listen above. DECO27 is a Fukuoka-born VOCALOID song producer and utaite whos style has been described as a fusion of rock and pop.


Along with that, we have new details on the next 5 Project Voltage tracks. Here are the dates for the next round of songs, along with the names of the artists involved:

  • January 27th - I’m A Ghost-type by syudou
  • February 2nd - Wonderful☆Opportunity
  • February 9th - Yuuri Kuriyama
  • February 16th - Orangestar
  • February 17th - marasy

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