The 2024 Taipei Game Show is going on right now, and gamers will be able to stop in and check out all sorts of amazing stuff until January 28th, 2024. Plenty of big-name game companies are on display, and that very much includes Nintendo. While most of us are unable to attend the event in person, at least we can enjoy some pictures of what Nintendo brought to the big show.

While Nintendo might not have any big reveals or surprises for Taipei Game Show 2024, they still have plenty to showcase for Switch. Their booth is jam-packed with evergreen titles on Switch, alongside other titles that will be hitting the platform in the near future. Without a doubt, you could spend all day at Nintendo’s booth checking out what they’ve crammed in!

If you want to see some more pictures of Nintendo’s Taipei Game Show booth setup, you can find a complete gallery of photos via our friends at Nintendo Life.

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