Publisher indienova announces the puzzle adventure game Piggy Gambit developed by TofuSoup, which blends various gameplay elements such as chess, box-pushing, and remote control, is coming to Nintendo Switch on Feb 1st. The selling price is 7.99, with a 10% off discount for pre-sales and the first week. In the game, a homebody piggy steps out of its home for the first time, only to accidentally enter a kingdom of chess. As it faces numerous puzzles, our piggy embarks on a journey of discovering the meaning of life.

Our protagonist Oink 3 a little pig who has spent 20 years living a monotonous life at home, day in and day out. One day, filled with confusion, Oink 3 embarks on a magical adventure towards the end of the world and unexpectedly gets caught up in the war of the Chess Kingdom. While solving one brain-teasing puzzle after another, he seems to gradually understand everything about this strange world.

Checkmate for the Chess-Challenged

A perfect game for those who want to learn the basics of chess in a fun and engaging way with over 50 meticulously designed puzzle levels. As you play, you’ll learn different mechanisms of six kinds of chess pieces step by step. Use your wits to find a path to survival and victory in battles!

Relive Your Childhood with Every Level

The prototype of this game was a paper and pen game created by the developer in childhood. The game’s cartoonish characters, lively background music, and whimsical dialogue will transport you back to a time when imagination knew no bounds.

Your Adventure to be Continued

After completing the game, players will unlock the ability to create their own levels, freely using the various mechanisms within the game to share their creativity with family and friends locally! Maintain your curiosity and passion for creation, continue the adventures of Oink 3 and craft your own story.

Game Features

Rich in game content: More than 50 crafted levels merge chess, box puzzles and remote control elements into one creation.

Piggy’s breathtaking adventure: A fairytale world features graffiti style character design with childish but entertaining story dialogues.

Chess beginner friendly: Learn the basic rules of six chess pieces unknowingly while advancing in the game.

Custom level creation: Design and share your own levels to challenge your friends or yourself with content and mechanism in game.

A childhood nostalgia: Based on scribbles that the dev drew when he was a child. Dedicate this game to everyone who once drew their dreams on a piece of paper.

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