It’s 2024, which means developer Brave at Night are so much closer to the Snowfall launch! They cannot wait to share the rest of the game with you and see your reactions to it (they’re all secretly hoping you’re going to sob your eyes out when you find out what we did to your favorite characters).

The devs say they were a bit surprised, as they received much more feedback than anticipated from the Snowfall Beta, but they’re very thankful to have such an amazing and active community of potato-heads helping them make this game. Following fan input from the beta, Brave at Night have been very busy working through the feedback and they’re “so close” to being back on track after implementing the most important changes.

A quick look at the updates, tweaks and features implemented so far include:

  • Brand New Input System
  • Audry is back 👀✨
  • New story flow 🤫
  • Waka waka - the characters come to life!
  • New animations
  • Redesigned how threat events work
  • Wrote a lot of new dialogue for the remaining chapters
  • Changed how the Yes, Your Grace decisions will be imported into the game

If you’d like to see the fully detailed breakdown of all the work the team’s been doing, you can find their full dev blog here.

Yes, Your Grace: Snowfall is a brand-new cinematic kingdom management RPG. Get immersed in the 2.5D pixel art style, explore new gameplay elements and try holding back your tears as your royal family faces great challenges! Each turn you will have to deal with a randomized queue of petitioners. Every person will present you with their minimal expectations that you will need to meet in order to keep your kingdom happy. You may also choose to ignore their request or even exceed it for extra loyalty. There are always multiple ways of solving a problem and it will be up to you to decide on best approach.


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