Earlier today, there was a tiny sliver of hope that EA would finally bring the Sims franchise to the Switch. EA released multiple Sims and Sims spin-off titles on the Wii and DS back in the day, and they even brought The Sims to the 3DS. Sadly, for whatever reason, EA doesn’t seem to think the Switch is a good fit for the Sims series.

Recently, a handful of fans noticed that a Google Search description from EA made mention of The Sims 4 on Switch. This was obviously news to everyone, as The Sims 4 isn’t on Switch, nor have we heard a peep about this happening. Some people took this as a hint of things to come, but EA has been quick to swoop in and stop the rumor in its tracks.

An official X account for The Sims has commented on this matter, saying that the listing for The Sims 4 on Switch was an error in the search data. Furthermore, the account said that The Sims 4 is not available on Switch, and there are no plans for release on the Switch.

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5M ago

Don't feel too bad, Switch owners. I've played Sims 4. It isn't a game. It's a storefront.


5M ago

EA wouldn't give full support to Nintendo unless they exceed the Xbox Series and PS5 in power. Heck they probably still wouldn't support Nintendo even if Nintendo had the #1 tech powered system ever. Like state-of-the-art. Let the shareholders chew out EA's management for leaving money on the table.