In 1998, Konami released a game from a long standing franchise that had a large hand in the cinematic direction of video games, Metal Gear Solid. From that point on, the sometimes convoluted exploits of the series protagonist Solid Snake would continue to push the boundaries of the console technology of the time, in terms of art and story telling within the medium. But just how much does Snake change from entry to entry?

The video above takes us through the history of Snake’s character model throughout the Metal Gear Solid franchise, and it’s been quite the wild ride. Every Metal Gear Solid game released aimed to push hardware at the time, which resulted in Snake looking more and more impressive. As the years rolled on, Snake’s look only became more solidified.

See how it all started and where things are now in the video feature above. It’s the perfect compliment to the Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection, as you can learn about the work that went into these classic games and then hop on your Switch and enjoy!

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6M ago

How many tris? My question is- how many snakes?