I have a handful of group chats on my phone, and one of them is a bunch of the older members in my family. While sometimes they get riled up about topics of the day, they mostly just share their scores in various mobile games. That includes Wordle, Trivial Pursuit Infinite, Waffle, and of course, Connections.

For those who don’t know, the NY Times has a word game called Connections, and there’s a new puzzle to crack every single day. The game gives you 16 different words and it’s your job to split them up into 4 categories of 4 words each. What are the categories, you ask? That’s what you have to figure out! The tricky part is that some words seem like they go together, yet you’ll struggle to find a fourth that fits the theme.

Obviously we’re not in the business of spoiling games here, but I felt it was worth mentioning that today’s Connections puzzle is one that Nintendo fans should check out. I’m not going to give you any clues or hints outside of the puzzle obviously having a connection to Nintendo, but I have no doubt you’ll all figure it out. That just leaves the 3 other categories to decipher!

Again, the NY Times Connections puzzles rotate every 24 hours, so there’s a limited amount of time left to get in on today’s game. See if you can figure out the Nintendo category (and all the rest) here!

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5M ago

It should have given me an edge, but it didnt 😭