The Pokémon has been really branching out when it comes to media lately. There’s still the traditional anime content such as Pokémon Horizons: The Series, but there have been a good amount of other projects as well. We’ve recently seen things like Pokémon Concierge and Snorlax & Cubone, and now yet another spin-off release is in the works.

Pokémon Shanghai has revealed that they’ve been working on an animated short called Good Times, Good Dreams, and we won’t have to wait long to see it. The short will make its debut on February 2nd, 2024, and you can see a piece of teaser art for the release above.

At this time, Pokémon Co. hasn’t shared any other details on what Good Times, Good Dreams will be about. We don’t even know in what parts of the world it will be distributed, but hopefully we’ll have all the specifics on that in the very near future.

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5M ago

If it werent for the current gen pokemon there, dreams makes me think of dream world/gen 5, its way to early for that imo even if they now have 3 studios active in development, especially concidering how bdsp went.