gamigo has announced the return of the Heckbugs in Love event in its hugely popular voxel-based MMO, Trove. Heckbugs in Love 2024 Edition will be available on Switch from February 6 until February 20.

This year the Heckbugs have once again found their way into Verdant Veins and Sunken Sunvault, and they’ve finally infested the last cave in Geode, the Moonlight Grotto. Trovians must embark upon the adventure by summoning Heckbugs with some Hecky Chow, then the real business can begin.

Matching two Heckbugs is a very dangerous affair. So dangerous that if left to their own devices, they’d be alone forever. They need help to meet other little Heckbugs while remaining protected from Heckbug Invaders. Normal Heckbugs are one thing, but those twisted by the Shadow are especially dangerous!

Each Heckbug helped in the Geode caves can drop a new lockbox that rewards Crystals, Heckbug Eggs, and even a new Heckbug Ally. With eggs to be found all over the caves at this time of year, players should be sure to collect and hatch them to unlock and receive three new companions.

However, gamers should take pause before celebrating a job well done, as the worst is yet to come. New to the event this year is the Heckbug Hunter, who will appear at the end of the questline. His motives are unknown but his eyes are haunted and his mission is clear - rip, tear, and destroy.

By completing The Hunter’s daily quests, Trovians will be able to return to him and purchase untradeable crafting materials.

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