Speed Crew, the high-octane party game from the AAA veterans at Ukrainian publisher Wild Fields, gets the new Dominion Mode, and cross-platform play releasing shortly after in February.

Join a crew of madcap mechanics as the pit crew in charge of keeping engines revving. Start off with small garages at junkyard mud tracks, and work up to impressive tracks in exotic locales. Use different tools to refuel, repair, and replace parts as cars drift in for maintenance. Quickly coordinate with up to three other players on chaotic courses.

Mechanical malfunctions are sometimes the least of the team’s worries, as stormy weather and obscure obstacles disrupt the workflow. Overcome out-of-control conveyor belts, swaying platforms on watery canals, and pouring rain accompanied by lighting strikes. Complete escalating challenges and be rewarded with new characters, costumes, and even higher sponsorship levels.

Work together or alone in classic Campaign Mode, competing against the other pit crews and rise to the top of the leaderboards. Take on a group of unsuspecting mechanics in the new Dominion Mode. Become a double-agent, sabotage the pit crew team and halt car repairs by rigging the track, stunning players, and disabling equipment with the help of tools and power ups.

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