SnowRunner, the blockbuster off-roading experience from Saber Interactive and Focus Entertainment, today releases its third expansion Season 12: Public Energy on Switch.

Available for free to all Year 3 Pass and 3-Year Anniversary Edition owners, Season 12 invites players to the green haven of North Carolina with four new maps, numerous points of interest like power plants, crop fields or an impressive water dam, two new vehicles and a slew of new activities. A set of 10 new stickers will also be available for all players as a free update.

North Carolina’s state government needs your help to establish a nuclear power station! Participate in the construction of its reactors and supporting facilities by delivering precious, yet heavy, cargo and equipment with your trucks. When you’re not on construction and maintenance missions, you will be asked to lend a hand to local farmers to cultivate their crops, but also aid local institutions in monitoring environmental pollution.

No adventure is complete without new vehicles. The MTB 8106 is a formidable scout thanks to its fantastic ground clearance and its upgradable engine giving it superior fuel efficiency - perfect for pulling scout trailers without breaking a sweat. For the most arduous tasks however, the FEMM 37-AT is an imposing heavy-duty truck, capable of handling any terrain and delivering all cargo without limitations.

As good news never comes alone: a Year 4 Pass is now available for purchase, with four new seasons packed with exciting new content to come later this year! Players who purchase it immediately unlock 4 exclusive vehicle skins for the ANK MK28, the International PayStar 5070, the Caterpillar CT681 and the Western Star 6900 TwinSteer base game vehicles.


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