Back in 2021, Capcom released a series of Resident Evil-inspired bath salts that were based on the healing herbs you find throughout the series. At that time, Capcom released the Red and Green Herb options, and they were priced at $5. Today, Capcom has added two more options to the lineup.

Resident Evil diehards can now add both Blue and Yellow Herb bath salts to their bath time routine, and again, each one is priced at $3.70. These are sold in Japan through the official Capcom online store, where they’re up for grabs right now. Brick-and-mortar retailers in Japan will begin stocking these bath salts come February 2nd, 2024.

Wondering what scents the Blue and Yellow Herb bath salts have? Well so are we, as Capcom hasn’t shared that information that. Oddly enough, Capcom did find the time to mention that the Umbrella Corporation stamped on the packaging is not a real company, and they also said the bath salts do not retain the same healing properties they imbue in the Resident Evil games.

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