Marvelous shares sales data on recently-released titles

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31 January 2024
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Marvelous has shared some sales updates on titles that they released in the last fiscal year, although we don’t have splits between platforms. That said, we at least get a snapshot of how multiple titles performed overall. You can read the notes on three games in particular below.


  • sluggish sales Fashion Dreamer

  • sold 500,000 units worldwide
  • 60% of those sales were outside Japan
  • this is less than what Marvelous were expecting

Frederica / Silent Hope

  • didn’t sell as much as expected

Following the lackluster results of these titles, Marvelous has stated that development costs were not fully recovered, losing Marvelous money. The company has since lowered the forecast for their current Fiscal Year, and the executives are taking a pay cut; -30% for the President and the CEO, and -12% for the full-time Directors.


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