While the world is currently focused on whether or not Pokémon Co. will go after Palworld for copyright infringement, another Pokémon-related legal battle is about to take place.

Nintendo of America has made the move to block a trademark filing from the team behind PokéZoo, a trading card IP that is clearly taking a TON of inspiration from Pokémon. The team behind PokéZoo is aiming to release physical cards and mobile games, and they’re doing so while using blatant rip-offs of Pokémon like Gengar and others.

The official PokéZoo website also makes it clear that they’re simply looking to pilfer Pokémon, as it features the word ‘Pokémon’ numerous times in order to confuse those not in the know. Of course there’s also a lot of cryptocurrency talk involved as well, just as any shady business aiming for a quick cash-grab would see fit to do.

We’ll keep track of this legal battle and see how things play out, but it seems like this’ll be an open-and-shut case for Nintendo.

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