Developer NewGen has announced that they’re bringing West Hunt to the Switch on February 8th, 2024. The title will be priced at $10 and takes up 900 mb of space. You can hop on the Switch eShop and pre-order West Hunt today.

West Hunt is a 1-6 player social deduction game set in the Old West! Among the hardworking townsfolk hides an Outlaw or two causing mischief and mayhem across town. Luckily, there are eagle-eyed Sheriffs ready to sniff them out! No matter what role you play, you’re sure to have a hog-killin’ time!

As an outlaw, you have to complete your missions without being killed by the sheriff.

  • Bribe the barman.
  • Poison the water.
  • Steal from the bank.
  • Pray and ask for forgiveness.
  • Tamper with the post board.
  • Decrease your notoriety by doing side missions.

As the sheriff, you have to hunt down and kill the outlaw.

  • Find and kill the outlaw among villagers.
  • If you shoot a villager you lose.
  • Investigate and collect information.
  • Check your mailboxes for more hints.

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