While not as exciting as a major update, it’s always good to get some tweaks and fixes! Pokemon Scarlett and Violet is set to receive it’s 3.0.1 update shortly, and we have the patch notes here! Check them out below for all of the changes!


  • Alters the crafting materials required to make TM223, removing Shieldon from it
  • Fixes the glitch where the Dragon Cheer effect would persist after switching
  • Fixes the glitch where the the game would freeze if you used items to level up an Inkay to Level 29 or under
  • Fixed an issue where, under certain circumstances, players become stuck between the Item Printer and the wall in the League Club
  • Fixed an issue where Calyrex wouldn’t remember learning certain TM moves after being separated from Glastrier & Spectrier. It will now be able to remember the moves, even if recombined with Glastrier and Spectrier


This update is required for your game to go online.

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4M ago

This update is bigger than the Hidden Treasure of Area fucking Zero!! 5-6 GB?! What is wrong with you?!