We all know that person. The one you don’t always see eye-to-eye with, but who would make your life far less interesting – and fun – if you never saw them again. Your frenemy. Your rival. The Donkey Kong to your Mario.

This Valentine’s Day, Nintendo wants to help you celebrate those relationships that can’t be summed up with a simple “Be Mine.” As excitement builds for the upcoming release of Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Nintendo invites you to share the (sometimes begrudging) love with that special someone with the above gallery of Valentine’s Day eCards.

In Mario Vs. Donkey Kong on Switch, a remaster of the Game Boy Advance classic, Mario is forced to pull out all the stops – backflips, handstands and puzzle-solving ingenuity – to recover all the Mini-Mario toys stolen from the factory by Donkey Kong. Featuring a new Two-Player Mode, challenging new levels and a fully reorchestrated soundtrack, Mario vs. Donkey Kong is all about finding that someone who completes you …but not without making you work for it.

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