There are three things we know about The Super Mario Bros. Movie. First off, the film was an incredible success at the box office. Second, audiences by and large seemed to absolutely adore the film. Third, critics found the movie to be quite a subpar experience. It’s that third point Jack Black is still struggling to understand.

Jack Black took on the role of Bowser in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and he seemed to have a blast doing so. As a matter of fact, Black has said numerous times now that he’s more than eager to return for a sequel should Nintendo and Universal team up for one. While Black waits for word on that follow-up, he had some comments to share on the reception to the original movie.

In an interview with Total Film, Black opened up on the critic response to The Super Mario Bros. Movie. It’s very clear that Black feels much like audiences did, and he’s not quite sure where critics were coming from.

“They screened it for me a month before it hit theaters. I was like, ‘We’ve got a hit on our hands.’ I’m laughing and smiling the whole way through this movie. And then it came out and it got horrible reviews. I was like, ‘What movie did they see?’ Luckily, the world didn’t listen to Rotten Tomatoes, and it was one of the biggest hits of all time.”

[Jack Black]

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6M ago

While I definitely enjoyed the movie as a huge Mario fan, I can't say I disagree with the critics either. The film has pretty horrible pacing and feels rushed. If you weren't very familiar with the Mario franchise, I could easily see why the movie wouldn't stand on its own.


6M ago

Maybe it's cause he's in it... but I too was disappointed. Some awkward stuff and Mario's voice is bad among others and some parts didn't fit together well.