Looks like we have a new Splatfest right around the corner! Set to run February 16 - February 19th, next-next weekend’s splatfest will feature the days in question, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday! The question? Which one is your favorite weekend day!

Will shiver take it all with Friday, or can Frye or Bigman take the W with fan-favorites Saturday and Sunday? Make sure to make your voice heard starting February 16th!


This happens to be one of those occasions where Japan gets a different Splatfest from the rest of the world. While the rest of the world battles it out over the weekend, Japan will be taking up the challenge of figuring out what their favorite filling is; “Red Bean Paste” vs “Custard” vs “Whipped Cream”.

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6M ago

Who in their right minds would ever pick Sunday?!


6M ago


Oh, Sundays are actually FUN. You don't have to run around all the time. And you can recharge yourself before the upcoming Monday, which can get pretty manic.