Wylde Flowers has been updated to Ver. 1.6.0, which includes the Eury’s Salon expansion. You can see the full patch notes below.

Welcome to the grand opening of Eury’s Salon!

  • Visit Fairhaven’s new hairdressing salon
  • Meet and get to know Eury Sinclair, a hair stylist from NOLA
  • Customise Tara with over 60 new hairstyles
  • Enjoy deeper friendships Gloria and Bruno

Need the details?

  • In Summer of Year 2 and after unlocking Violet’s Boutique, you will meet Eury Sinclair after completing “The Mane Event”, and help set up her new hair salon. Craft pommade, conditioner, and various hair colors to sell to Eury or trade them in for new hairstyles.
  • Once a new hairstyle has been purchased, you can select your style from the inventory menu at any time. If you enjoy the magic of a hair salon visit, you can also change your purchased hairstyle at the salon for no additional charge.
  • Want to match your eyebrows with your new hair color? You can change eyebrow colors from the inventory menu once you buy your first hairstyle.
  • Love is in the air! Eury will be able to be taken on many dates as a fully romanceable character.
  • There are even more opportunities to become closer friends with Gloria and Bruno, who now have 4 stages of friendship.

We also fixed a few bugs and made some adjustments! Including:

  • The Bouquet Table recipe will be granted if the quest “If It’s Bouquet With You” was previously missed or failed.
  • Damon now says, “boop!” when he boops you.
  • Married partners will be more reliable at feeding your chickens and ducks when they offer to help.
  • Sophia will now only walk down the aisle once at her wedding with Thomas.
  • Sebastian will no longer try to get your attention from behind the counter in Sophia’s restaurant.
  • Fixed some incorrect translations in Russian, French, and French Canadian.
  • Coconuts were added to Shelby’s shop and olives were added to Kai’s stand.
  • A few of Violet’s outfits are now in their rightful category.
  • Subtitles using the large font are better positioned during cutscenes.
  • Fixed a rare issue causing items to stack on top of one another in build mode.
  • Fixed a rare issue preventing plants from growing in the back row of the large greenhouse.
  • Marriage proposals to Cameron, Damon, and Amira now depend on the bridge to the mountain being repaired first.
  • Violet will not turn transparent during a conversation with Lina in the “Witch You Were Here” quest.
  • The Cloche animation is no longer missing at times of gift giving
  • Pumpkin Ale is not available until “The Harvest Fest” quest is complete.
  • Bees will not linger after their beehive is removed.

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