Mini Sonic the Hedgehog TUBBZ Announced

Whatever floats your boat, Sonic

01 February 2024
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GOTTA GO FAST… if you want to grab these NEW Mini Sonic the Hedgehog TUBBZ. Cosplaying Collectibles, rather like Sonic, they won’t be around for long. Plus, if you missed out on the original sized Sonic TUBBZ first time around, they are well and truly back as new ‘Boxed Editions’.

Sonic the Hedgehog TUBBZ cosplaying rubber ducks are one of the most popular franchises in the TUBBZ collection, having gone down a storm with fans of all ages. The first editions whirled straight off the shelves into fans collections, selling out quickly. The good news is, the TUBBZ Universe is expanding, and Sonic takes centre stage.

New to the Sonic collection are Mini TUBBZ. These super cute little gems are exact replicas of the original TUBBZ with all the exquisite detail at half the size. The Mini TUBBZ line-up includes:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog: ready for speedy action.
  • Amy Rose: Still competing for Sonic’s affections. Maybe she’ll be a lucky ducky.
  • Shadow: A mean and moody ducky.
  • Knuckles – He might be smaller, but he’s still stronger than ever.
  • Tails: Twin tails entwined and still loyal to Sonic, even if he is now a duck.
  • Dr Eggman: No mistaking Sonic’s arch-nemesis with moustache around his beak and pince-nez glasses.
  • Super Sonic: Sonic became Super Sonic and now he’s a Super Sonic rubber duck.

Due to popular demand, Numskull is bringing back 5 characters as Boxed Editions. No display bathtub, this time they come in a stylish box instead. These are ideal for those who missed out previously or those new to TUBBZ and want earlier editions for their growing collections. Either way, they won’t be around for long!

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Dr Eggman
  • Tails
  • Knuckles
  • Shadow

You can take a closer look at the entire Sonic TUBBZ collection at the official TUBBZ store.

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