Celebrating its 37th anniversary in 2024, Konami’s stealth-action game series METAL GEAR is a series with over 60 million units sold. The series’ popularity exploded with the release of METAL GEAR SOLID in 1998, and now the first-ever model of the nuclear-armed bipedal tank METAL GEAR REX is up for grabs yet again.

  • A total of four figures are included: Solid Snake, Liquid Snake, and two versions of Cyborg Ninja.
  • Cyborg Ninja’s two figures include one with a standard standing pose, and one that recreates the iconic scene where he is crushed underfoot by METAL GEAR REX.
  • A special base designed after the hangar from the series is also included.

This METAL GEAR REX model kit originally released in 2019 and quickly sold out, but now fans have a second chance to get in on the fun. This package includes roughly 401-600 parts and stands 8.66 inches when complete. You can make this model yours for roughly $70 and you can check out more pics here.

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