An update is available for Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

General Fixes:

  • Enhanced French localization for an improved immersive experience.

Options Menu Enhancements:

  • When starting a New Game without any existing save data, the in-game voice language will automatically synchronize with the selected text language.
  • Updated camera settings in the main menu for a more refined experience.
  • When players deactivate subtitles in the Options menu, they are automatically reactivated each time the game is launched.

Chapter-Specific Improvements:

  • In Chapter 1, fixed a scenario where the cutscene would go away if the interaction key was spammed after inspecting Freja’s dessert.
  • Chapter 3: Ensured that quitting the game after speaking with Ms. Moreau won’t prevent unlocking a mind map node.
  • Chapter 7: Corrected the order of photos of ransom money when inspecting them, and fixed a text issue when inspecting Mr. MacQueen’s photo.
  • Chapter 13: Rectified a linguistic hiccup, replacing “St Pancreas” with the correct “St Pancras” during Mr. MacQueen’s dialogue.

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