At this point, Hi-Fi Rush coming to Switch is one of the worst-kept secrets in the industry. It’s not official by any means yet, but the evidence keeps piling up. If you haven’t been sold on the rumors and inside info so far, today’s datamine drop might be enough to do the trick.


The most recent update for Hi-Fi Rush has been datamined by the internet at large, and some very interesting discoveries have been. The biggest find is the above group of images, which show off t-shirt textures that players will be able to access. It’s the design of these shirts that make it seem like a Switch release is right around the corner.

There are a few shirt designs in this group that definitely align with a Switch release quite well. The red and blue images in particular could point to the Switch color scheme, but the red image in specific seems very related to Switch. As you know, Switch is the only current hardware that lets you play at home or on the go, so being able to “Rock Out Anywhere” would only be possible on Switch.

With rumors of both Hi-Fi Rush coming to Switch and a Nintendo Direct being right around the corner, it seems pretty darn likely these two things are going to be popping up any day now.

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5M ago

Not that I care too much about this game* but it will be interesting to see if true and how Xbox's strategy turns out.

*Tango did make Ghostwire, which is still an all time fav of mine, so I know they are great developers though.


5M ago

I don't WANT a Switch port. Even as someone who's been Nintendo only for a long time, never owned an Xbox, and really likes the look of Hi-Fi Rush, I think Microsoft is making a mistake if they're really thinking of completely letting loose all their exclusives. That'd be the quickest way to completely destroy Xbox as a hardware manufacturer, which I don't want to happen.