While DON’T NOD has created numerous titles, they really came into their own with the Life is Strange series. That’s the IP that put their name on the map, but now the company is leaving the franchise that built them behind.

While there were multiple Life is Strange sequels and spin-offs, DON’T NOD is no longer steering where things go. Life is Strange is owned by Square Enix, and Deck Nine Games is now the main developer for the franchise. While it seems like the brand is in good hands as indicated by Life is Strange: True Colors, how does DON’T NOD feel about leaving their baby behind?

In an interview with Eurogamer, DON’T NOD studio creative director and game director Michel Koch opened up about the departure from Life is Strange, and that wonder of what could have been if they stuck around.

“I don’t think there’s that much mixed feelings. I mean, as a creator you sometimes would love to… in another universe, I would have maybe loved to think of what could have been, all these other games in the Life is Strange universe. But it’s also good to see what other creators have come up with for the characters, in the comic book series, or the new characters and stories developed for Life is Strange: True Colors, which I played and really enjoyed.”

[Don't Nod studio creative director and game director Michel Koch]

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