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Cleaning up the room and the city

02 February 2024
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Maid of the Dead is about to be released on Switch, and the official Qureate’s YouTube channel knows this as they have released a brand new trailer for the game. Don’t miss it, especially if you like zombies and… maids?!

Zombies left, right and center!! Will the maids be able to bring peace back to Akiba?! A shooting game aimed at restoring peace to Akiba by controlling gun-slinging maids and defeating zombies.

Akiba is suddenly turned into the city of nightmares, when a virus that turns people into zombies appears out of nowhere! Citizens scramble to escape, but as the virus runs rampant, it quickly turns anyone in its path.

In the midst of this all, Nagisa Hihara learns that her blood might just carry a special anti-body to counter the virus.

Given new hope, Nagisa prepares herself for battle as she sets outs to save her friend Rinka and any other survivors she may find along the way.

What decisions will these girls face as they get one step closer to learning about the events that lead to the start of this pandemic?

The fight between gun-wielding maids and zombies begins!

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