Bohemia Interactive is announcing the release of Vigor Chronicles: Isolation, the latest chapter in the series for their free-to-play looter-shooter, Vigor. The new update, which is available right now, introduces the new M14 rifle, Eikevjen as a new map in Shootout mode, the new smoke grenade consumable and melee improvements.

Unfold The Next Chapter of Vigor Chronicles

This new update focuses on a Battle Bass filled with winter elements and snow camo cosmetics. It also introduces the smoke grenade consumable – something that the community has been requesting for a long time. The weapons this time, another much requested item, is the M14 file which makes its long-awaited debut in the Vigor roster of weapons. Last but certainly not least, a new map introduces itself into the frey – say hello to Eikevjen which arrives as a brand new Shootout map. The thing that will make Eikevjen stand out is definitely the hay maze at the center of the map which is bound to provide lots of close combat thrills.

Feature list

  • Battle Pass Chronicles: Isolation
  • Experience the new Eikevjen map in Shootout mode
  • Take on the Outlands with the new M14 Assault Rifle
  • Use Smoke Grenades for a tactical advantage
  • Gain an edge over your enemies with the improved melee combat system
  • Master the new Viper V4 knife
  • Destroy the Barred House barricades with your weapons or explosives
  • Crate reward system reworked
  • New Premium Pack: Ghost of The North has arrived
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