Nintendo has already released a slew of Pikmin plush dolls over the years, but things are set to expand in Japan with some all-new options.

While the Pikmin franchise has been rather niche since its debut on the GameCube, the series’ popularity and recognition has grown with each installment. That is certainly true of Pikmin 4, which is blowing away franchise sales so far and quickly became the best-selling installment. That’s why it’s no surprise to see Nintendo put out some new Pikmin 4 merch to capitalize on that excitement.

NIntendo and Sanei Boeki have teamed once again for new Pikmin plush, and this time we get some dolls based on lineup you’ll find in Pikmin 4. This is the first time you’ll get plush for the Glow Pikmin, which certainly make for a fetching addition to the lineup. These will be available for purchase at Nintendo TOKYO/OSAKA/KYOTO starting Feb. 3rd, 2024.

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