Ahh… the majestic groundhog. These adorable critters have been known to take on many roles—unintentional archaeologist, soil mixer, farming nuisance, and even… weather forecaster? Yup! While they may not be the most precise meteorologists, some folks look to these burrow-building buffs to predict how long winter will last.

So, to celebrate these well-rounded excavators, Nintendo has done a little soil searching and put together a list of games with completely inaccurate examples of what a groundhog’s burrow may look like. They’d like to think that each of the underground areas in these games inspired the blueprints to these diligent diggers’ homes (but most likely didn’t).

As usual, Nintendo has gathered up some of their own games and thrown them into the mix with third party titles. If you’d like to see the offerings Nintendo has come up with, you can find the feature here.

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