Capcom is no stranger to unique collabs for their franchises, and one such example has just been revealed.

Capcom is teaming with Recruit Co. Ltd. to promote the company’s real estate website, Suumo. This collab has resulted in promotional images for Suumo that cram in Monster Hunter monsters to showcase the size of these locations, and also get people talking. The ads will be found at the following train stations in Japan throughout February 2024:

  • Shinjuku Station – Metro Promenade
  • Shibuya Station – B2 floor, outside the Den-en-toshi Line ticketing gate
  • Ikebukuro Station – Nearby the northern pathway outside the JR East ticketing gate
  • Osaka Umeda Station – 2nd floor of the JR passageway

As for the monsters that will be featured in this campaign, the lineup is as follows:

Felyne: A house facing south to maximize natural lighting with underfloor storage and a reheatable bathtub, managed by an administrator who also allows pets.

Khezu: A barrier-free designer-style corner apartment with a soundproof room.

Rajang: The penthouse of a high-rise condominium with a soundproof room and an allowance to place musical instruments.

Rathalos: A move-in ready house with a balcony, underfloor heating, and CCTV cameras installed, with DIY projects also allowed.

Zinogre: A fully electrified standalone house with furnished appliances and an allowance to share the rooms with Thunderbugs.

If you’d like to get a look at all the ads in this campaign, you can find a complete gallery here.

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