Some new details on Dead by Daylight’s next chapter have been leaked. Chapter 24 brings with it another new Killer, a new Survivor, and a new map as well. As long as you don’t mind spoilers, check out early details on the next chapter below.

  • The Dredge is the next Killer
  • The Dredge is able to teleport inside locker
  • The Dredge will have three personal Perks, including Dissolution, Darkness Revealed, and Septic Touch
  • The Dredge is a former mentor of Herman Carter (The Doctor), with the real name of Otto Stamper
  • The Dredge was “found as the only survivor in the Institute left in a vegetative state by the Doctor before he was taken away by the Entity”
  • an Indian psychic investigator named Haddie Kaur is the new Survivor
  • there will be a new map that looks like the Thompson House

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