Mario and Donkey Kong doesn’t head to the Switch until February 16th, 2024, but Nintendo released a demo for the title earlier this week. That’s all dataminers and modders needed to whet their appetite, and now just a couple of days later a mod has already been released.

While not a major mod by any means, it’s certainly an interesting one, especially if you’re a fan of classic Mario. As the gameplay footage above shows, this fan-made mod takes Mario’s model from Mario Vs. Donkey Kong and replaces it with Mario’s Super Mario 64 model. It’s a very straightforward mod, but one that certainly gives the game’s visuals a fun twist.

You can bet Nintendo is keeping a very watchful eye on this mod, as well as any other mods and hacks that pop up. Of course, the question is whether or not Nintendo will act on this mod by going after the creator. We’ll keep tabs on the situation to see what happens from here on out.

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