Exophobia is a retro inspired first-person shooter set to hit Switch sometime in 2024. While we wait for a specific release date, a new gameplay video has been shared that shows off some of the boss battle against The Core. See how things play out in the gameplay above.

Explore and fight your way through a crashed human spaceship infested with relentless hordes of aliens as you become more powerful with exciting weapon upgrades and powerups in this Shooter with Metroidvania elements.

FPS gameplay where quick reflexes and clever positioning are vital to survive. From worm infested laboratories to the mechanical inner workings of the spaceship engine, discover a spaceship with multiple floors, each featuring a unique hostile environment.

Improve your weapon with a new ability every time you reach a specialized weapon laboratory. In metroidvania fashion, these abilities drastically empower you in combat and also unlock previously inaccessible areas required to progress.

Battle ruthless enemies possessing unique attack patterns, including menacing boss fights, each with their own defeating strategy.

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