We’ve see 6+ years of the Switch so far and the system has been a runaway hit almost that entire time. The more days that pass, the more milestones and achievements the platform hits, and now we’re seeing that it’s inching incredibly close to a seriously impressive stat.

Over in Japan, the most recent sales data shows us that the Switch has reached an amazing 32,027,938 units sold. That figure is good enough to make the Switch the third best-selling gaming hardware in Japan of all-time. Even crazier, it means the Switch has less than a million units to move in order to claim the top spot overall.

What platforms are standing in the way of the Switch taking top honors? It first has to tackle the Game Boy Color, which sold 32,470,000 units in Japan. Then it’s on to the DS, which reached 32,990,000 units sold. Can the Switch manage to eek out those two titles and grab top honors? We’ll have to check back in this time next year to see where things are at!

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5M ago

All hail the king! The Switch is on top.


5M ago

I know Japan is handheld country, but I never knew the Game Boy Color outsold the PS2.


5M ago

This will be an easy number to reach. Heck it's even guaranteed to hit it if a new Pokemon game comes out this year.


5M ago

Those people that said the Switch would flop were right on the money!!


5M ago

I'm still hoping for Switch to become the best-selling gaming console of all time, globally.


4M ago


Well Switch IS a huge failure unlike the WiiU. Obvious is obvious.