To kick off Apex Legends’ fifth anniversary, EA and Respawn revealed the very first cinematic trailer for its upcoming season, Apex Legends: Breakout, where players get to experience the life of a Legend both on and off the battlefield first-hand.

While running, gunning and jumping through the lenses of Conduit, Loba, Octane and other Legends, players need to remember to keep an eye on the Horizon and prepare for the next challenge in this action-packed Apex Legends: Breakout.

Apex Legends: Breakout brings Legend Upgrades that enhance each Legend’s Armor and Abilities. Players will also earn Breakout Rewards when six Legends become unlocked throughout the season, and can complete challenges to keep them forever. Ranked has been updated with a high-risk, high-reward system that incentivizes combat through each Ranked Split. Players can drop into the 5th Anniversary Collection Event with the rapid-fire Straight Shot LTM and Anniversary-themed maps. Once players collect all 24 of the new season cosmetics, they’ll also immediately unlock 150 heirloom shards.

More details for Apex Legends: Breakout will be shown in the gameplay trailer coming February 8, ahead of the update’s official launch for Switch.

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